Absent from (adj) accompanied by (adj) according to (prep) account for (v) accuse smb of (v) accustomed to (adj) addicted to (adj) advantage of (n) (but: there’s an advantage in —

(have) an advantage over smb) advice on (n) afraid of (adj) agree to/on smth (v) agree with smb (v) ahead of (prep) aim at (v) allergic to (adj) amazed at/by (adj) amused at/with (adj) angry at what smb does (adj) angry with smb about smth (adj) angry with smb for doing smth (adj) annoyed with smb about smth (adj) answer to (n) anxious about smth (adj) anxious for smth to happen (adj) apologise to smb for smth (v) appeal to/against (v)

(make an) appeal to smb for smth (n) apply to smb for smth (v) approve of (v) argue with smb about smth (v) arrest smb for smth (v) arrive at (a small place) (v) arrive in (a city) (v) ashamed of (adj)

Ask for (v) (but: ask smb a question) assure (smb) of (v) astonished at/by (adj) attached to (adj) attack on (n) attend to (v) (un)aware of (adj) bad at smth (adj) (but: He was very

Bad to me.) base on (v) basis for (n) beg for (v) believe in (v) benefit from (v) bet on (v) beware of (v) (put the) blame on smb (n) blame smb for stb (v) blame smth on smb (v) boast about/ot (v) bored with/of (adj) borrow smth from smth (v) brilliant at (adj) bump into (v) busy with (adj)

Campaign against/for (v) capable of (adj) care about (v) care for smb (v) (= like) (take) care of (n)

Care for smth (v) (= like to do sth) careful of (adj) careless about (adj) cause of (n) certain of (adj) change into (v) charge for (v) charge smb with (v) cheque for (n) choice between/of (n) close to (adj) collaborate with (v) collide with (v) comment on (v) communicate with (v) compare with / to (v) comparison between (n) complain of (v) (= suffer from) complain to smb about smth (v) compliment smb on (v) comply with (v)

Conceal smth from smb (v) concentrate on (v) confidence in smb (n) confusion over (n) congratulate smb on smth (v) connection between (n) connect to/with (v) consist of (v)

Contact between (n) (but: in contact with)

Content with (adj) contrary to (prep) contrast with (v) contribute to (v) convert to/into (v) cope with (v) correspond to/with (v) count against (v) count on smb (phr v) cover in/with (v) covered in/with (adj) crash into (v)

(have) a craving for smth (n) crazy about (adj) crowded with (adj) cruel to (adj)

Cruelty towards/to (n) cure for (n)

Cure of (v)

Curious about (adj) damage to (n) date back to (v) deal with (v) dear to (adj) decide on/against (v) decrease in (n) dedicate to (v) definition of (n) delay in (n) delight in (v) delighted with (adj) demand for (n) demand from (v) depart from (v) departure from (n) depend on/upon (v) dependent on (adj) description of (n) die of/from (v) die in an accident (v) differ from (v) different from (adj) difficulty in/with (n) disadvantage of (n) (but: there’s a disadvantage in doing sth)

Disagree with (v) disappointed with/about (adj) disapprove of (v) discharge smb from (v) discouraged from (adj) discussion about/on (n) disgusted by/at (adj) dismiss from (v) dispose of (v) disqualified from (adj) dissatisfied with (adj) distinguish between (v) divide between/among (v) divide into/by (v) do smth about (v) doubtful about (adj) dream about (v) dream of (v) (= imagine) dressed in (adj) eager for (adj) efficient at (adj) (put) effort into smth (n) emphasis on (n) engaged to smb/in smth (adj) engagement to smb (n) enthusiastic about (adj) envious of (adj) equal to (adj) escape from/to (v) example of (n) excellent at (adj) exception to (n) exchange smth for smth else (v) excited about (adj) exclaim at (v) excuse for (n) excuse smb for (v) expel from (v) experienced in (adj) experiment on/with (v) expert at/in (smth/doing smth) (n)

(= person good at) expert at/in/on (smth/doing smth)

(adj) (= done with skill) expert with smth (n) (= good at

Using smth)

Expert on (n) (= person knowledge­able about a subject)

Face up to (phr v) fail in an attempt (v) fail to do smth (v) failure in (an exam) (n) failure to (do smth) (n) faithful to (adj)

Fall in (n)

Familiar to smb (= known to sb) (adj) familiar with (= have knowledge of)


Famous for (adj)

Fed up with (adj)

Fill sth with smth else (v)

Finish with (v)

Fire at (v)

Fond of (adj)

Forget about (v)

Forgive smb for (v) fortunate in (adj) friendly with/to (adj) frightened of (adj) full of (adj)

Furious with smb about/at smth (adj) generosity to/towards (n)

Genius at (n)

Glance at (v)

Glare at (v)

Good at (adj) (but: He was very good to me.)

Grateful to smb for smth (adj) guess at (v)

Guilty of (adj) (but: he felt guilty about his crime)

Happen to (v)

Happy about/with (adj)

Harmful to (adj)

Hear about (v) (= be told)

Hear from (v) (= receive a letter)

Hear of (v) (= learn that smth or smb exists)

Heir to (n)

Hint to smb about smth (v) (but: hint at smth)

Hope for (v) hope to do smth (v) (no) hope of (n) hopeless at (adj) idea of (n) identical to (adj) ignorant of/about (adj) ill with (adj) impact on (n) impressed by/with (adj) (make an) impression on smb (n) improvement in/on (n) incapable of (adj) increase in (n) independent of (adj) indifferent to (adj) inferior to (adj) information about/on (n) (be) informed about (adj) insist on (v) insure against (v) intelligent at (adj) (have no) intention of (n) interest in (n) interested in (adj) interfere with/in (v) invasion of (n) invest in (v) invitation to (n) invite smb to (v) involve in (v) irritated by (adj) jealous of (adj) join in (v) joke about (v) knock at/on (v) know about/of (v) keen on smth (adj) keen to do smth (adj) kind to (adj) key to (n) knowledge of (n) lack in (v) lack of (n) laugh at (v) lean on/againsi (v) leave for (v) (= head for) lend sth to smb (v) listen to (v) live on (v) long for (v) look after (phr v) (= take care of) look at (v) look for (= search for) (v) married to (adj) mean to (adj) mention to (v) mistake smb for (v) mix with (v) name after (v) necessary for (adj) need for (n) neglect of (n) nervous about (adj) new to (adj) nice to (adj)

Nominate smb (for/as smth) (v) (take) (no) notice of (n) notorious for doing smth (adj) obedient to (adj) object to (v) objection to (n) obliged to smb for smth (adj) obvious to (adj) occur to (v) offence against (n) operate on (v) opinion of/on (n) opposite of/to (n) part with (v) patient with (adj) pay by (cheque) (v) pay for (v) pay in (cash) (v) peculiar to (adj) persist in (v) pity for (n) take pity on smb (exp) pleased with (adj) (take) pleasure in (n) (have the) pleasure of (n) point at/to (v) (im)polite to (adj) popular with (adj) praise smb for (v) pray for smth/sb (v) prefer smth to smth else (v) (have a) preference for (n) prepare for (v) present smb with (v) prevent smb from (v) (take) pride in (n) pride oneself on smth/on doing (v) prohibit sb from doing smth (v) prone to (adj)

Protect against/from (v) protection from (n) protest about/at (v) proud of (adj) provide smb with (v) punish smb for (v) puzzled about/by (adj) quarrel about smth/with smb (v/n) qualified for (adj)quick at (adj) react to (v) reaction to (n) ready for (adj) reason for (n) reason with (v) rebel against (v) receive from (v) recover from (v) reduction in (n) refer to (v)

(in/with) reference to (n) refusal of (n) regard as (v) regardless of (prep) related to (adj) relationship between (n) (but: a good relationship with sb) relevant to (adj) rely on (v)

Remind smb of/about (v) remove from (v) replace smth with smth else (v) reply to (n/v) report on (n/v) reputation for/of (n) research on/into (n) respect for (n) respected for (adj) respond to (v) responsibility for (n) responsible

For (adj) result from (v) (= be the consequence of)

Result in (v) (= cause) result of (n) resulting from (adj) rich in (adj) (get) rid of (phr) rise in (n) (make) room for (n) rude to (adj) run into (phr v) safe from (adj) same as (adj) satisfied with (adj) save smb from (v) scared of (adj) search for (v/n) (be) in search of (n) sensible of smth (adj) sensitive to (adj) sentence smb to (v) separate from (v) serious about (adj) share in/of smth (n) shelter from (v) shocked at/by (adj) shoot at (v) short of (adj) shout at (v) shy of (adj) sick of (adj) silly to do smth (adj) (but: it was silly of him)

Similar to (adj) skilful/skilled at (adj) slow in/about doing smth/to smth smell of (n/v)

Smile at (v) solution to (n) sorry about (adj) (= feel sorry for smb) (but: I’m sorry for doing sth) speak to/with smb about (v) specialise in (v) specialist in (n) spend money on smth (v) spend time in/doing smth (v) split into/in (v) spy on (v) stand for (phr v) stare at (v) strain on (n) subject to (adj/v) submit to (v) subscribe to (v) succeed in (v) suffer from (v)

Sufficient for smth/smb (adj) superior to (adj) sure of/about (adj) surprised at/by (adj) surrender to (v) surrounded by (adj) suspect smb of (v) suspicious of (adj) sympathetic to/towards (adj) sympathise with (v) take sth to smb/smth (v) talent for smth (n) talk to smb about smth (v) (have) taste in (n)

Taste of (v) terrible at (adj) terrified of (adj) thank sb for (v) thankful for (adj) think about/of (v) threat to smb/smth of sth (n)

Threaten smb with smth (v) throw at (v) (in order to hit) throw to (v) (in order to catch) tired of (adj) (= fed up with) translate from… into (v) tread on (v) trip over (v) trouble with (n) typical of (adj) unaware of (adj) understanding of (n) uneasy about (adj) upset about/over smth (adj) valid for (length of time) (adj) valid in (places) (adj) value smth at (v) vote against/for (v) wait for (v)

Warn smb against/about/of (v) waste (time/money) on (v) weak in/at (adj) wonder about (v) worry about (v)

(make) use of (n) used to (adj) worthy of (adj) write to smb (v) wrong about (adj)



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