Test 1. Staying at the Hotel

1. You will hear a story about The Alton Towers Hotel in England. Give an appropriate answer to the questions below.

1. Where is it located?

2. The reception desk is extraordinary because

B) it is made of old suitcases and bags

A) it is flying

C) you have to leave your luggage there

D) it is hanging under the ceiling

3. Which of the following rooms can not be found in the hotel?

A) the garden Rooms

C) pirate Bill’s Room

4. Which of the following facilities can not be found in the rooms?

A) coffee-making machine b) TV c) bathroom d) baby-sitting

B) the Coca-Cola Room d) The Explorer Room

B) TV c) bathroom

5. What is there next to the hotel?

6. Which of these outdoor facilities are not mentioned?

A) caf b) pool c) children’s area

D) garden

7. How many places for having meals are there in the hotel?

8. When can you stay at the hotel?

2. Listen to a story about the Ice Hotel in Sweden and correct the mistakes in the text below.

Looking for an exiting winter getaway? Then try the Ice Hotel in southern Sweden and spend a few days in a giant igloo. 200 tons of ice and 13,000 tons of snow are needed to build the Ice Hotel every year. When the thermometer hits 3 degrees above freezing, the building of the hotel starts.

The hotel has rooms for over 200 guests, as well as an ice sauna, a cinema, the Ice Char Tower and the world-famous Absolute Ice Bar. The temperature inside the hotel is minus 3 degrees Celsius, but that seems warm when you compare it to the temperature outside, which can fall below minus 13 degrees Celsius.

Before bedtime, have a meal prepared by master chefs, then visit the Absolute Ice Bar, where you might just meet your favourite model or actor, or enjoy a crystal-clear view of the dark Arctic sky. When it’s time for bed, don’t worry about keeping warm. The Ice Hotel provides guests with warm deer skins to sleep in. Guests wake up to a hot drink, after which they can enjoy an early morning jogging and a tasty breakfast.

Antarctic is the perfect place for outdoor activities such as bobsleigh, ice-fishing and skiing. If you don’t have skates, the staff at the reception will provide you with everything you need.

A visit to the Ice Hotel is an unforgettable experience and the perfect way to liven up you winter. Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime!

Test 2. Famous People: Bill Gates

Listen to a story about Bill Gates and do the two tasks below.

1. Say if the following statements are true or false.

A) Bill Gates started his business alone.

B) When at school he was good at Science.

C) He first started to use computers at school.

D) After leaving school, he started working.

E) In 1994 he divorced his wife Melinda French.

2. Choose an appropriate option to complete the sentences.

1. Bill Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of a) 13 b) 30

2. He was born on the

A) 8th of October

C) 20th of December

C) 31

D) 41

B) 28th of October d) 28th of December

3. One reason for his success is that





His parents were rich

He got a good education

His friend helped him

He is ambitious and hardworking

4. When he met his wife she was working

A) at the bank

B)for his company

C)as a baby-sitter

D)as a strip-dancer

5. Bill Gates plans to give away his wealth when he

A) is 75 b) has his first grandchild c) earns 100 billion dollars d) retires

B) has his first grandchild

Test 3. Mr. Gray

1. Listen to the text and answer the following questions.

1. Why did Mr. Gray travel a lot?

A) Because of his work. b) For pleasure. c) Because he had a car.

2. What was his business?

A) He was a farmer.

B) He sold machines.

C) He was a door-to-door salesman.

3. Did he enjoy his work?

A) No, he didn’t.

4. How did he travel?

A) Always by train.

B) Yes, he did. c) He did most of the time.

B) Always in his car.

C) Sometimes in his car, and sometimes by train.

5. Did he usually like driving?

A) No, he didn’t, because he was a little frightened.

B) Yes, he always did.

C) Yes, he did, except when the weather was bad.

6. Did he always stay in expensive hotels?

A) No, he did not. b) Yes, he did. c) He did when he had extra money.

7. Why did he speak to a local man one winter evening?

A) Because he wanted to find a hotel.

B) Because he wanted to visit that part of the country.

C) Because he was lost.

8. How many hotels were there near there?

B) Two.

A) Too many. b) Two. c) One.

9. Did the local man tell Mr. Gray which one to go to?

A) No, he did not.

B) Yes, he did.

10. Why?

A) Because both of them were equally bad.

B) Because he did not know either of them.

C) Because they were too expensive.

2. Listen to the text again and cross out extra words.

Mr. Gray travelled a lot on his business. He sold machines of various kinds to local farmers. It was not really a very exciting or interesting job, but Mr. Gray had always been interested in farming, and he was quite satisfied with his life.

He had a big car, and usually enjoyed driving it long distances, but he was quite satisfied to go by train sometimes too, especially when he was tired or when the weather was bad. He was a little frightened of driving in rain or snow or sleet, and it was less tiring to sit comfortably in a train and look out of the window without being worried about how one was going to get to the next place.

3. Listen to the text again and fill in missing words.


One of Mr. Gray’s was often where to stay when he

Reached some small place in the.


He didn’t expect great and wonderful food, but

He found it annoying when he was given a room,

And there was no hot water or good food after a and

Tiring day.


Late one winter evening, Mr. Gray railway station.

At a small

4. The journey by train that day had not been at all and Mr. Gray was cold and tired and __

5. He was looking forward to a by a brightly burning fire, and then a comfortable bed.

But a satisfying meal bath and a

4. Listen to the text again and complete the sentences.



He said___________________________________

___________________________________ , ‘As this is_________________________

Country and I was in too much of a hurry

Hotels before I left home, I would very much like

2. The

, ‘We

3. ‘And which__________

Mr. Gray asked then.

4. The local man

, ‘Well, it’s like this: whichever

Test 4. Mrs. Hammond

1. Listen to the text and answer the following questions.

1. Why was the fact that Mrs. Hammond went for walks alone unusual?

A) Because she was blind.

B) Because she was old.

2. Why did she go out every day?

A) Because it was good for her.

B) To work.

3. Why didn’t she usually lose her way?

A) Because she always went for walks alone.

B) Because she knew where everything was.

4. Why did she lose her way one day?

A) Because she lost her white stick.

B) Because some trees were not there.

5. What did she do then?

A) She continued to walk.

B) She stopped for a minute and went home.

6. When did she stop again?

A) When she got to her cottage from there.

B) When she heard water.

7. How did she get home?

A) A man helped her.

B) She followed a river which she had been told about.

8. Whom did Mrs. Hammond give some coffee to?

A) A man who visited her cottage.

B) The man who had helped her.

9. Who thanked who then?

A) Mrs. Hammond thanked the man only.

B) The man thanked Mrs. Hammond only.

C) Mrs. Hammond and the man thanked each other.

10. Why was the man so grateful?

A) He had been hungry and thirsty.

B) Mrs. Hammond had saved him from killing himself.

2. Listen to the text again and restore correct word order.


Mrs. Hammond was blind and old, but she was determined to do everything for herself.


She used to even go for walks alone from her cottage once a day for fresh air and exercise, and found her way by touching things with her white stick.



She learnt where was everything, so she lost her way never.

But then some men one day came and cut down some of the familiar pine trees at the side of one of the paths which she followed.


When that evening she reached that place, she didn’t feel the trees with her stick, so she was in difficulties.

3. Listen to the text again and fill in missing words.

And listened, but she didn’t any other people, so she went ahead for or two, and then she heard water beneath her.

‘Water?’ she said aloud, and. ‘Am I lost? so’.




She stopped for a

I must be on a

, I suppose, and there must be

_______________ under me.


I’ve been that there’s a river in this

Of the country, but I don’t know its exact position.



‘How am I to get to my cottage from here?’

All at once she a man’s friendly

Near her.

7. It said, ‘me, can I help you?’

8. ‘How of you!’ Mrs. Hammond answered. ‘Yes,

Please. I’m lost. Some of the which I follow when I go

For my every evening had been removed today, and

If I hadn’t been enough to come across you, I don’t

Know what I’d have done. Can you please help me to


9. ‘____________

. ‘Where do you


10. Mrs. Hammond walking.

Him, and they

4. Listen to the text again and complete the sentences.


The man

, and she

And a piece of cake.


She told



’, he answered. ‘I


?’ Mrs. Hammond said. ‘


‘Well’, the man

Drown myself. But

Test 5. Jim and Mrs. Roper

1. Listen to the text and answer the following questions.

1. Why did Jim leave home?

A) Because he wanted a more comfortable flat.

B) Because his job was in another town.

2. Who cleaned his flat?

A) A lot of the people in the factory. b) Jim.

3. Why did he try to find someone else to do it?

A) Because he did not want to do it himself.

B) Because the people did not do it properly.

4. How did he find someone?

A) He asked other people. b) Mrs. Roper introduced someone to him.

How many hours a day did Mrs. Roper work for him?

A) Four. b) One.

Was Jim happy with Mrs. Roper’s work?

A) No, he wasn’t.




B) Yes, he was.




A) Because he coughed whenever he breathed.

B) Because she did not clean his bedroom properly.

How did Jim let Mrs. Roper know what he thought?

A) He wrote her a message on a piece of paper.

B) He wrote something on his mirror.

Was the mirror clean that evening?

A) No, it wasn’t.

B) Yes, it was.


How did Jim know that Mrs. Roper had read his message?

A) Because she had cleaned the mirror.

B) Because she had left him a bottle of cough medicine.

2. Listen to the text again and cross out extra words.

Jim lived together with his parents until he was twenty-one years old, and then he got a good job in the office of a big factory in another town, so he left home.

He found a comfortable little flat which had two tiny rooms, a small kitchen and a separate bathroom, and he lived there on his own.

At first he cleaned it himself, but he didn’t want to have to go on doing this himself, so he firmly determined himself to find someone else to do it instead of him.

He asked a lot of his fellow workers at the factory he was working what they did about this, and at last one of the men said, ‘Oh, old Mrs. Roper comes and cleans my flat regularly. She washes the dishes, irons my shirts and keeps the place clean, neat and tidy an so on. I’ll introduce her to you, if you really like. She’s a charming old lady of about 60. She does her best, but she hasn’t got much energy.’

‘Well, you’d better ask her to come and see me as soon as possible, please,’ Jim answered.






3. Listen to the text again and fill in missing words.

1. So the next Mrs. Roper came to see him, and she

With pleasure to come to his flat morning for an hour.





After she had been working for Jim for two, he looked at the mirror in the bedroom and thought, ‘This mirror looks very. Mrs. Roper’s forgotten to clean it. I can on it with my finger.’

He wrote the in the dust: ‘I’m

Whenever I breathe because everything in this room is very dusty.’

He came at 7 o’clock that evening, and when he had

His supper, he went into his and

Looked at the mirror.

‘That woman still hasn’t

Said to himself. ‘All it needs is a

It!’ he

4. Listen to the text again and complete the sentences.







But then__________





He said to himself.


,’ he thought.

. They were:


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