Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант, проверьте ответ по ключам и определите свой уровень[I].


1. Where

You from? — I’m from Russia.

A) do b) are c) is d) does

2. John to work every day.

A) go b) don’t go c) doesn’t go d) is going

3. We dinner now.

A) are having b) have c) don’t have d) having

4. They the match yesterday.

A) have won b) won c) win d) wined

5. He breakfast yesterday.

A) hadn’t b) no had c) didn’t have got d) didn’t have

6. When?

A) did you born b) was you born c) you were born d) were you born

7. a) Where playing Manchester United?

B) Where is playing Manchester United?

C) Where is Manchester United playing?

D) Where playing is Manchester United?

8. a) What’s like the weather?

B) How’s the weather?

C) What’s the weather like?

D) How the weather is?

Если вы правильно ответили на большинство вопросов того или иного уровня, это значит,

9. a) Mary usually drives carefully.

B) Mary carefully drives usually.

C) Mary carefully usually drives.

D) Mary usually carefully drives.

10. a) Always he wakes up at 9:00.

B) He wakes up at always 9:00.

C) He always wakes up at 9:00.

D) He wakes always up at 9:00.

11. It is of October today.

A) twenty one b) twenty first c) the twenty one d) the twenty first

12. I haven’t got.

A) no money b) money c) any money d) some money

13. The room was empty. There there.


A) wasn’t nobody b) was anybody c) was nobody d) was somebody orange juice in the fridge.

A) There isn’t no b) There is any c) There isn’t any d) There aren’t no

15. John is the manager, you need to speak to.

A) it b) him c) her d) his

16. These are books.

A) their b) them c) there d) this

17. What are women over there talking about?

A) these b) those c) this d) that

18. We haven’t got mineral water.

A) a lot b) little c) too d) much

19. There aren’t people outside.

A) many b) much c) plenty d) a lot

20. I wanted a purple bike but they only had ___________ .

A) a one green b) one green c) a green one d) a green


Go to school on the 1st of September.

A) Childs b) Childrens c) Children’s d) Children

22. He goes to work taxi.

A) by b) on c) with d) in

23. I don’t work Mondays.

A) on b) in c) at d) by

24. a) Give the Joan money.

B) Give the money to Joan.

C) Give to Joan the money.

D) Give the money at Joan.

25. He arrived airport just in time.

A) in b) at c) on d) by


26. Simon in Madrid since 1982.

A) lives b) is living c) does live d) has lived

27. I him at 7 tonight.

A) see b) seeing c) am seeing d) will see fly to London tomorrow.

28. Mark

A) to going b) goes to c) is going to d) go to

29. Oh, I completely forgot! it right now.

A) I’m doing b) I’ll do c) I’m going to do have you been waiting?

A) How long b) What time c) How far

_______ is it from Barcelona to Madrid?

A) How far b) How often c) How much



D) I do

D) When

D) How many

32. a) Who you live with?

B) Who do you live with?

C) Who does live with you?

D) Who live with you?

33. The kitchen can’t be dirty, he it.

A) is just clean b) have just cleaned c) just clean

D) has just cleaned

34. I haven’t seen him we left school.

A) since b) when c) for d) how

35. Has Mr. Brown arrived?

A) already b) still c) now d) yet

36. Don’t start!

A) to shouting b) shouting c) shout d) in shouting

37. I have to go to the bank ________ some money.

A) for getting b) to get c) to getting d) for to get

38. If you want to keep fit, you __________ go to the gym.

A) must b) might c) have to d) should

39. Anyone make a mistake.

A) can b) should c) has to d) must

40. You beat girls!

A) shouldn’t b) mustn’t c) don’t have to d) needn’t

41. This is picture I’ve ever seen.

A) most beautiful b) the beautifullest c) the most beautiful d) more beautiful

42. The weather is getting.

A) worst b) worse c) badly d) more bad

43. I’ve lost my keys. I can’t find them.

A) anywhere b) nowhere c) nothing d) somewhere

44. We can’t get there by 3:00 pm. There is time.

A) few b) too little c) too little little d) too few

45. There spectators at the match.

A) were no b) wasn’t any c) were any d) were not

46. I usually have ______ cup of coffee for ________ breakfast.

A) a, a b) a, the c) -,

D) a,


Of you can speak Japanese?

A) Who b) Which c) Whose d) What

48. Wild goats are more dangerous than wild

A) sheep b) sheeps c) ships d) sheepes

49. We are having a party the weekend.

A) on b) at c) in d) during

50. It was _______ big house.

A) so b) such a c) such d) a so


51. I invited Mary out for a meal, but unfortunately she


A) had already got b) had already had c) have already had

D) already had

52. I to work when I Jim.

A) went, have met b) was going, was meeting c) was going, met

D) went, was meeting

53. They you.

A) just called b) have just called c) were just calling

D) has just called

54. She ______ the car and now she is dirty.

A) fixed b) has been fixed c) has been fixing d) was fixing

55. All the money from my wallet.

A) have been stolen b) was stolen c) are stolen d) were stolen

56. Many houses in our city every year.

A) are built b) built c) was built d) have been built

57. If I won a lottery, I a house in the country.

A) would buy b) have bought c) will buy d) would have bought

58. If I you, I’d take the risk.

A) am b) have been c) were d) would be

59. He as soon as he.

A) calls, comes b) will call, come c) will call, will come

D) will call, comes

60. a) I told her what she closed the window.

B) I told her to close the window.

C) I told she close the window.

D) I told her that she close the window.

61. Peter is Jane to do it at this very moment.

A) telling b) saying c) saying to d) telling to

62. I thought you.

A) will come to the party b) were coming to the party

C) come to the party d) comes to the party

63. They weren’t surprised and nor I.

A) weren’t b) wasn’t c) were d) was

64. He works at the theatre,?

A) doesn’t he b) does he c) isn’t he d) didn’t he

65. I _____ work at night when I was young.

A) used to b) used c) am used to d) got used to

66. I have to catch the 5:00 am train tomorrow, so I late.

Go to bed

A) needn’t b) haven’t c) have to d) mustn’t

67. She go to the dentist’s yesterday.

A) must b) had to c) ought to d) should have

68. ‘These cases look heavy. ‘carry one for you?’ ‘That’s very nice of you.’

A) Will I b) Do I have c) Shall I d) Do it

69. You look tired. You go to bed.

A) need b) have c) should have d) should

70. The you know the you sleep.

A) less, best b) fewer, better c) less, better d) least, best

71. This glass is dirty. Can you give me



A) another b) other c) the others d) some of the people we met were friendly.

A) No one b) None c) Anyone d) No

73. He’s looking forward that film.

A) to see b) seeing c) see d) to seeing

74. Would you like for a walk?

A) go b) to go c) going d) to going

75. On our way to USA we flew over

Atlantic Ocean.

A) a, the b) -,

C)the, the d)the,


76. By this time tomorrow we the meeting.

A) will have b) will have had c) are having d) will had had

77. I’m fed up with you. You your keys!!!

A) always lose b) have always lost c) are always losing

D) are never losing

78. We in touch since we school.

A) haven’t been, left b) weren’t, have left

C) haven’t been, have left d) were, left

79. Hardly when thunderstorm.

A) had we come in, had started b) we had come in, started

C) came in, started d) had we come in, started

80. The news at the moment.

A) are being broadcast b) is broadcast c) broadcasting

D) is being broadcast

81. The police.

A) has just called b) have just been called c) have been just called d) has just been called

82. If you’d come to the theatre last night, you the play.

A) would enjoy b) had enjoyed c) would have enjoyed

D) will enjoy

83. If you

So absent-minded, you

The date.

A) wasn’t, wouldn’t have missed

B) hadn’t been, wouldn’t have missed

C) weren’t, hadn’t missed d) weren’t, wouldn’t have missed

84. If I English, I a better job.

A) knew, would get b) know, get c) had known, would get

D) will know, will get

85. I wish I a car, I’m tired of catching the bus.

A) have b) was having c) had d) had had

86. They last night, but I’m not sure.

A) may come b) might come c) should come d) may have come

87. She worked hard yesterday and type all the letters.

A) was able to b) can c) could d) would be

88. I know he didn’t thank you, but he

Have done so.

A) must b) may c) would d) should

89. They laughed a lot last night. The film ___________ very funny.

A) should have been b) must have been c) was to be d) should be

90. We _______ better hurry up or we’ll be late.

A) would b) should c) had d) ought

91. I wouldn’t mind tonight.

A) to go out b) go out c) going out d) to going out

92. She working under pressure.

A) used to b) is used to c) is used d) used

93. Don’t forget those letters.

A) to post b) posting c) to posting d) post

94. Where have you put my keys? I clearly remember table last night.

Them on the

A) to leave b) left c) did leave d) leaving

95. thinking that he would win the lottery.

A) There was no use b) It was no point c) It was no use

D) It was usefulness

96. a) Ask her when will be ready the food.

B) Ask her when will be the food ready.

C) Ask her when the food will be ready.

D) Ask her when will the food ready be.

97. His life was so that he decided to commit suicide.

A) depressed b) depressing c) depressful d) deep-pressing

98. I couldn’t mend the PC myself, so I at the service centre.

A) had it mended b) had it mend c) did it mend d) had mended

99. Let’s go to the theatre,?

A) don’t we b) let us c) shall we d) will we

100. I’ve never been to Egypt. —.

A) So did I b) Nor have I c) So haven’t I d) Neither haven’t I.


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