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8. Choose the correct verb form from those in brackets

The jumper (is/has been) washed several time s, and it (wasn’t/ hasn’t) shrunk.

Nylon (has/has been) produced since 1938 and today it (is/ is being) found in many things.

The Houses of Parliament (were/ have been) built between 1840 and 1857.

Scientists hope that a cure for cancer will soon (be/ have been) found.

Each Concord (was/had been) built at a cost of 55 million pounds.

Boss says I will (be/ have been) given a pay-rise next month.

By next year, everybody in the company will (be/have been) given a pay-rise.

She will (be/ have been) informed about the results of the research as soon as it (is/ will be) finished.

Wait for a while. He (is/ is being) interviewed now.

He (is being/ has been) interviewed for 40 minutes already.

9. Open the brackets. Use the appropriate tense and voice form (Active or Passive).

How are you? We’ve been having a lovely time. We’re being very well looked after by our hosts. We (1) (to take) sightseeing and we (2) (to introduce) to some of their friends, who (3) (to make) us feel very welcome. Last night we (4) (to show) round a castle, by the owner! Most of the land in this area (5) (to belong), to his family for about five hundred years. Apparently, the land (6) (to give) to them after one of his ancestors (7) (to kill) while trying to save the king’s life. Quite romantic, isn’t it?

The castle itself was a little bit disappointing, to be absolutely honest. The owner told us that it (8) (to suffer) serious damage during a fire about thirty years ago. When it (9) (to restore) they (10) (to add) central heating and things like that. So once you’re inside it (11) (not to feel) much different to any other large, old house. But the owner is a real character. He told us lots of stories about things that (12) (to happen) to him when he was young. He (13) (to send) abroad to work in a bank, but he hated it, so he (14) (to behave) very badly in order to (15) (to sack) He kept us laughing for hours. I hope he (16) (to invite) us here again before we leave. I’ll have lots more to tell you when we get back. Take care.

Sir James and Lady Blenkins (1) (to be) married for thirty years next March. They (2) (to celebrate) their wedding anniversary with a dinner party on the seventeenth. I don’t think it (3) (to be) a particularly stylish affair, but I am sure a lot of good food (4) (to serve). Sheila, Ken and Willie (5) (to invite) already. A few days ago Marilyn (6) (to invite) too, but she can’t go because she (7) (to leave) for the States by then. Helen and Denis say they (8) (to go) if they (9) (to invite).

Licking his lips in anticipation of a tasty meal he (1) (to ask) her where she (2) (to go). The girl, who never (3) (to see) a wolf before (4) (to tell) him about her grandmother and where she (5) (to live) Just as he (6) (to be) about to attack her, he (7) (to hear) two woodcutters approaching and (8) (to hurry) off, saying he (9) (to forget) an important meeting on the other side of the forest. While the little girl (10) (to make) her way slowly along the path, the wolf (11) (to rush) through the forest towards the old lady’s cottage. The cottage door (12) (to be) locked so the wolf (13) (to pretend) to be Little Red Riding Hood by copying her voice. Granny (14) (to open) the door to let her in and.

When we (1) (to arrive) in London we (2) (to be) two hours late because our train (3) (to hold) up by bad weather. Outside the station it (4) (to snow) hard and a lot of people (5) (to wait), for taxis.

As we (6) (to be) about to join them, a young man (7) (to pull) up in his car and (8) (to ask) us where we (9) (to want) to go. Although it (10) (not to be) an official taxi, the car (11) (to be) new and shiny and the young man (12) (to look) clean and respectable. So we (13) (to decide) to accept his offer. When we (14) (to tell) him that we (15) (not to have) a hotel he (16) (to say) he (17) (can) take us to one which (18) (to be) cheap and clean.

He (19) (to put) our luggage in the boot and we (20) (to drive) off to the hotel. On the way we (21) (to chat) cheerfully and he even (22) (to point) out some interesting sights.

We (23) (can) hardly believe our luck and (24) (to think) of all the people we (25) (to leave) standing in the freezing cold. When we (26) (to get) to the hotel, he (27) (to tell) us he (28) (to wait) until we (29) (to check) in. After we (30) (to tell) that the hotel (31) (to be) full, we (32) (to go) down the steps only to find that our driver and our luggage (33) (to disappear) Needless to say, we never (34) (to see) him again.

Some Facts About Sugar

Pocket sugar from the supermarket (1) (to extract) from either sugar cane or sugar beet. These products (2) (to mix) with water, which (3) (to dissolve) their natural sugar. Sugar (4) (also to find) in fruit some of which, such as dates and grapes, (5) (to contain) very high amounts of sugar. To be a little more scientific, sugar should (6) (to call) sucrose. Sucrose (7) (to make up) of two substances, glucose, which 8) (to use) for instant energy, and fructose, which (9)

(to last) longer as a source of energy. The sugar in fruit is mainly fructose. So when we (10) (to eat) fruit, we (11) (also to eat) quite large amounts of natural sugar. Some scientists (12) (to believe) that too much sugar (13) (to eat) in sweets, cakes and bisquits. It (14) (to say) to be generally bad for the health, although nothing (15) (definitely to prove) so far. However, it (16) (to know) that sugar (17) (to cause) tooth decay. As one expert put it: “If other foods (18)

(to damage) our body as much as sugar (19) (to damage) our teeth, they (20) (to Ban) immediately.

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